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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Health Care on the Line - "Health for All" world premier

You are invited to attend the Ottawa Chapter of the Council of
Canadians' special healthcare meeting at
7:00 pm, Thursday, 23 January,
Room 201, Jack Purcell Community Centre,
off Elgin Street south of Gilmour.

Meeting will feature the world premier of the Chapter's video, "Health
for All," a 30-minute power walk through the health care emergency we
face today.

Plans for the upcoming National Days of Action (details below) and what
you can do for healthcare this week

* * * * * * *

Following last week’s announcement of the Premiers’ meeting on January
23rd in Toronto and the First Ministers’ Conference in Ottawa on
February 4th and 5th, the Council of Canadians is asking its 100,000
members to organize National Days of Action between these two meetings.

"Roy Romanow has done his part, Medicare's fate is now in our hands,"
says Maude Barlow, the Council’s National Chairperson. "We must not
allow the premiers or the prime minister to think that Canadians will be
satisfied with more cash and mere cosmetic changes," said Barlow.
“Romanow laid out the groundwork for real reform including expanding
Medicare and demanding accountability from the provinces. Canadians and
our prime minister must not settle for less."

The plan outlined by the Council calls for rallies at the Toronto and
Ottawa meetings, as well as a letter, phone and fax campaign to the
premiers and prime minister. These will be followed by a policy
conference organized by the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Centre
for Policy Alternatives on February 7th and an activists’ summit on the
8th and 9th of February. At these events domestic and international
experts will examine the federal-provincial plan and activists will
mobilize to ensure public health care is strengthened and enhanced.

"Tens of thousands of Canadians supported the Romanow Commission’s work
and the report reflects the values of Canadians," says Barlow. "The vast
majority of Canadians support the recommendations of the Commission,
politicians ignore them at their own peril."

* * * * * * *

Subject: People's Summit on Health Care
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 12:04:07 -0500
From: "Brian Edgecombe"  [with updates from dc]
To: <opirg-events@ox.org>

Dear friends,

The coming WEEKS may be critical to the future of health care in Canada.
Community groups, unions and health activists have organised a number of
events in Ottawa in February 2003 to help mobilize citizens and
communities across the country. Canadian Health care supporters will
assemble in Ottawa for four days, 6-10 February, at the Ottawa Congress

• a one-day policy forum on Friday, 7 February,
• a two-day activist conference Saturday-Sunday, 8-9 February, and
• an action on Monday, 10 February.
You are invited to join any or all three of these events. You'll find
more information at:
Council of Canadians website (CofC)
Ontario Health Coalition
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)

Thursday-Friday, 6-7 February
On the front line: Two day forum for CUPE health care workers

Friday, 7 February
Policy Forum: Securing the Future of Public Health Care
Join national and international speakers in a Forum that will provide
up-to-date analysis on key health reform issues. Learn about:
  -- Implications of recent decisions and recommendations on pharmacare,
homecare, privatization, financing and accountability.
  -- Current analysis on key themes and issues

Friday, 7 February,   7:30 p.m.
Evening Event: Stand up for Health Care: A Citizens' Celebration
Tickets $10.00 ($5.00 low-income) at the door.
Speakers and musicians will pay tribute to our health care system.
Guests include:

•  Maude Barlow (Author, Profit Is Not the Cure),
•  Judy Darcy (President, CUPE),
•  Shirley Douglas (Spokesperson, Canadian Health Coalition),
•  Nancy White (Singer/Songwriter),
•  Dr. Claudia Fegan (US Physicians for a National Health Program), the
•  Baobob Drummers...and more!
Hosted by activist and performer Greg Malone

These events sponsored by The Council of Canadians and the Canadian
Centre for Policy Alternatives.

* * * * * * *

Saturday-Sunday, 8-9 February
(9 am start - ending Sunday at 1 pm)
The People's Summit on Health Care: Two-day Activist Conference
Join hundreds of activists from across the country as we share
information on current health care campaigns and build a united action.
Organized by a spectrum of national organizations advocating for
Medicare, including labour and community organizations. This is a
critical time to converge, building on health care coalition campaigns
across the country, developing a solid and focused plan of action with
national priorities and tactics.

A national "Call to Care" conference in October 2001, summoned by the
Canadian Health Coalition, defined our vision for Medicare. Now we must
develop concrete strategies for achieving that vision, supporting
Romanow's report and leveraging current political opportunities. We have
a strong foundation of campaigns. This gathering is the place to focus
our strategy nationally, to attract and inspire activists, and to
identify concrete targets for concerted actions.  In a combination of
plenary and workshops, participants hope to:

   * Adopt a national Plan of Action to defend and improve Canada's
     Medicare system, building on existing campaigns and the Canadian
     Health Coalition’s "Call to Care"
   * Develop a common response to Romanow and the Premiers' Summit, and
     to the intensifying pressures towards privatization
   * Strengthen connections between health care activists at the
     provincial and national levels
   * Share campaign tactics and develop skills to advance our Plan of

Monday, 10 February
Day of Actions

To register, contact Nancy Campbell
(Tel: 613-237-1590; e-mail: nacampbell@cupe.ca).
To register online go to www.canadians.org.
To make this event as accessible as possible, there will be some
subsidies for travel and accommodation. If you need a subsidy, please
indicate this when you register.

The People's Summit is being organized by the Canadian Union of Public
Employees, the Canadian Labour Congress, the Canadian Health Coalition,
the National Anti-Poverty Organization, the Council of Canadians and

Please circulate this notice to organizations and individuals in your
own networks!

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