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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Collaborative Community Building Workshop

Could be worthwhile....

Collaborative community building is a key component of Ottawa
20/20, the City’s long term planning initiative.

How will Ottawa become a truly collaborative city?

We invite you to participate in a Collaborative Community
Building Workshop

Date: Saturday February 8, 2003
Time: 9 am – 4 pm
Location: Confederation High School – 1645 Woodroffe Avenue
(corner of Woodroffe and Hunt Club)


Start a process for determining a number of initiatives that the
City should launch in the near future to:

- Enable us to translate the strategic level Ottawa 20/20 plans
into plans and actions for individual communities or
- Help move us toward being a more collaborative city

Issues the session will attempt to tackle include:

- How can the City communicate more effectively with its
- How can residents participate in making the Ottawa 20/20 plans
become a reality in their respective communities?
- What tools do residents require to participate in this process?
Ie: Community based assessment tools; more ward-specific
information; up-to-date information on development applications,
as well as social and economic info
- What should these tools look like?  How should they be made

Participants will be divided into creative, problem-solving teams
to address various issues.

To Register:

- E-mail Monique Trotter at Monique.Trotter@ottawa.ca or call
580-2424 ext. 28598
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