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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fwd: book signing and reading this saturday!!

Mark your calendars!  sorry this doesn't give
you much notice, but we are sure this is an event
some of you will not want to miss!!
Book Reading and signing (reading to begin at
3:30, the author will be available from 3:00
-5:00) Saturday afternoon Jan
Bienfait: The Saskatchewan Miner's struggle of
by Stephen L. Endicott
" On September 29, 1931, in Estevan,
Saskatchewan, the RCMP leveled guns and rifles at
a peaceful procession of striking coal miners,
their wives and children.  Three miners were
killed and many wounded.  The incident is know in
Canadian labour history as the 'Estevan
massacre.'  Had the massacre occurred in the
United States, the murdered miners would be folk
heroes, Most Canadians however have never heard
of this strike.  Bienfait chronicles the causes
and conditions that led to the strike and
bloodshed, the role played by organizers from the
umbrella union organization, the Workers' Unity
League of Canada and the police hunt, capture and
ensuing criminal prosecution of union members". 
The books are regularly priced at $21.95 but will
be available on Saturday for $20.00
See you on Saturday at Octopus 116 Third Avenue,
the store is wheelchair accessible although the
washrooms are not.
Questions - 233-2589

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