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[OPIRG-EVENTS] March for peace Saturday 1 Feb.

NOWAR-PAIX sponsors a march every Saturday, starting at 12:00. Please join
We have signs, banners, pamphlets.  Bush's war is expected soon.  Come and
march for peace.  We can make a difference! (see below)

When and where?

*    Meet at the corner of York and Sussex
*    12:00 Meeting time (Time to share information, network, and organize)
*    12:15 March begins (Through the market, past the American Embassy, to
Parliment Hill)


*    To be a regular presence opposing war, racism, and the erosion of civil
*    To hand out literature to those we meet.
*    To support one another and communicate about upcoming events.

The march can make a difference!

I didn't march last Saturday because I was taking a job candidate to lunch.
We ate in the market at a restaurant that is along the march route.  My back
was to the window, but suddenly someone at a different table cried out,
"Look, a peace march!"  Everyone looked, quite a few leaving their chairs
for a better view, and it was really impressive with all the signs and a
good turnout.  As the march passed out of sight, conversation at every table
around me turned to the topic of the war. It was really exciting for me to
see the big impact of the march from inside the restaurant.  Let's keep
reminding people that this war is immoral and illegal.

Jo Wood

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