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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Homelessness Marathon on CHUO-FM89 Feb. 5

CHUO FM 89.1 
Wednesday, February 5th, 2003
6:00 PM  Wed.- 6:00AM Thurs. 

CHUO FM 89.1 is hosting a Homelessness Marathon in conjunction with CKUT
FM at the University of McGill in Montreal on Wednesday, February 5th to
raise awareness for the plight of the homeless in Canada.  The event will
be broadcast nationally via the Internet on the airwaves of community
radio stations across the country.  

The broadcast will feature two hours of in-depth local CHUO coverage of
the homelessness issue, followed by ten hours of national coverage from
CKUT in Montreal.  The local coverage will feature interviews with social
workers, mission directors, and the homeless, in addition to a survey of
reactions from the general public.   The national coverage will feature
interviews with government representatives, social workers, and members of
parliament, as well as round table discussion and an on-air call-in

For over 12 years CHUO FM 89.1 has been providing in-depth social
commentary and public affairs programming to the community. For more
information on CHUO public affairs programming, check out the station
website at www.chuo.fm. 


For more info on the marathon contact Chris at 562-5965 or email


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