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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Thursday Feb. 6th FOOD FIGHT! @ Carleton U

Thursday Feb. 6th FOOD FIGHT!
12 noon Bakers Lounge (4th Floor Unicentre) 
Potluck and pots and pans parade against hunger

hello community friends...

You are invited and encouraged to join OPIRG Carleton's Food Issues
Working Group in celebration and resistance beginning at 12 noon on
February 6th, 2003.  All human beings have right to food and no one
should be denied access to daily, complete and nutritious meals that
accomodate and respect dietary needs, economic resources and cultural
food custom. Through the corporatization of food goods, many human
beings have become deeply disconnected and uninvolved with the food that
they do require as a basic human need. Hunger terrorizes the poor. Mass
produced chemically preserved food threatens the health and security of
everyone.  Labour, environmental and food security standards are
lessened or ignored in interest of capital gain. Carleton University is
a microcosm of the reality of food quality, security and politic in
north america. The administration of Carleton University holds the
single largest food service contract with a university in Canada and
presently holds an exclusivity agreement with Chartwells which indicates
that no food may be served on campus unless it is through their company.
Chartwells itself is a part of a much larger company, the Compass Group,
which holds a relative monopoly on food services in north america,
providing food and finances to the U.S. military, nurturing the oil
interests of the Compass Group and exploiting food and the hungry in 
over 90 countries worldwide while still pulling in a year. Meanwhile,
students at Carleton University are forced to pay up to 7 dollars for a
salad, accept questionable health security measures, and eat (if they
can afford it) bland mass produced and incomplete meal options. The
Administration of Carleton University has been irresponsible to crucial
issues of hunger, malnutrition and poverty and has worked in the
interests of the Compass Group and their own capital greed to impede
food service alternatives such as the Garden Spot. In response, OPIRG's
Food Issues Working Group is planning a day of information, reclamation
and celebrational resistance.... THE FOOD FIGHT IS ON.

12 noon: join us and gather in Baker's Lounge for great beats spun out
by mz. revolution, an anti-hunger info fair, creation of a wall of
hunger, face painting, drumming, grocery give aways from the g-spot and
feasting with friends (we are asking that those who can bring some food
to eat and share)1 pm:  a pots and pans parade against hunger, corporate
greed and exploitation  will venture loudly and proudly from Baker's
Lounge through campus and will be gathering petition signatures and
support as we visit numerous food-related sites on campus making noise
around issues of corporate monopolies, fair trade coffee, environmental
and social responsibilities... (bring loud things, bright things... make
a sign... break into impromptu theatrical acts... pan handle or busk for
lunch fair...)
2pm:   our circus of resistance will pour into residence commons to the
location of the Breez in, where members of the g-spot will hang a Garden
Spot Banner in a strong symbolic claiming of the space that has been
allotted to them by the Board of Governors of Carleton University, but
that they have, as of yet, been denied access to. The media has been
invited for a press conference at this time where both the Garden Spot
and the Food Issues Working Group of OPIRG Carleton will publicly read
lists of demands to end hunger and exploitation on campus, which will
then be delivered to the administration of the university.


Please join us and speak, dance, drum against hunger and exploitation.
We need to feed our bodies. We need to feed our minds.

In resistance, respect, and revolutionary reclamation,
 rachelle sauvé, 
food issues working group co-ordinator
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