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[OPIRG-EVENTS] International Day of Protest, Ottawa Sat Feb 15

For Ottawa area folks:


Saturday, February 15, 2003:

Meet at 1:30 at the parking lot at Maisonneuve and St. Laurent in Hull, 5 
minutes walk from Alexandria Bridge.

"The march will pass winterlude at Jacques Cartier park, go on Alexandria 
Bridge to continue on Murray street, turn on Dalhousie then to Clarence St 
up to the US Embassy.

We will go around the Embassy pass Wellington then go on Sussex to stop 
between Major's Hill park and the US Embassy for 2:15-2:30pm.

Everyone welcome. Bring your noise makers, puppets, etc. Let's make this 
the biggest march yet!"


Europe www.paixbalkans.org/forum_social.htm
US http://unitedforpeace.org/article.php?id=725; and 
Canada - demonstrations are already planned in Halifax, Quebec City, 
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver (list grows by the 
minute) - get details at CANESI [Canadian Network to End Sanctions On Iraq] 
website - http://www.canesi.org/Engl/xDemo15Feb.html
Montreal - www.fiiq.qc.ca/echecalaguerre.htm
Quebec City - get information by calling (418) 521-4000 or e-mailing 
Halifax - . http://hfxpeace.chebucto.org/mainpage.htm

Also from the nowar-paix site: EMERGENCY PLANS in case of an Invasion of 
Iraq: on the day that the bombs begin falling, please meet at 5:30 pm at 
the eternal flame on Parliament Hill for a rally. People may be proceeding 
from there to the U.S. embassy. On the first Saturday following the start 
of the bombing, there will also be an anti-war rally beginning at 12:00 at 
the eternal flame on Parliament Hill.

See also http://ontario.activist.ca/whatsnew.php.

About Feb 15 protests:
"The first truly coordinated mobilisation against the war on Iraq at the 
international level will take place Saturday 15 February. Actually, it 
could very well turn out to be the most important day of protest in World 

Initial estimates are that over 50 million people will participate in peace 
rallies on February 15th - this is entirely without historical precedent.

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