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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Action Alert - Save the Tay River

Dear Friends and Water  Activists: 
Please feel free to copy this message and post to your networks.
We need a little of your time and effort to protect an important victory. Early last year, the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal supported an appeal launched by The Council of Canadians and several local residents to overturn a decision made by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. This appeal stopped a government decision to allow more than 1.6 billion litres of water per year to be removed from the tiny Tay River near Perth, Ontario. 
Despite the fact that the Tribunal's decision did not diminish their current operations, protected local jobs and created an opportunity for the company to build a better relationship with the local community, OMYA decided to appeal the ruling to the Ontario Divisional Court and the Minister of the Environment, Chris Stockwell. With OMYA threatening to warn foreign investors away from Ontario unless it got all the water it wanted, the Minister has decided to consider the appeal. The Minister has taken this action despite the pleadings from his own ministry to wait until the issue has been given a full and fair hearing in court 
You can help by clicking on the link below and faxing Ontario Premier Ernie Eves. Your fax will demand that the Premier direct the Minister of the Environment to reject OMYA's appeal. The Premier and the Minister must leave the matter before the courts where it can be properly assessed by the rule of law, not big money corporate pressure. In the time just prior to a provincial election, you can be sure your message will be taken seriously. 
You can send this fax for free by going to the Council of Canadians' web site at www.canadians.org and clicking on the "Save the Tay River" action button or by going directly to:
Thank you for taking the time to help in this important fight.
Jamie Dunn
Water Campaigner
The Council of Canadians
(613) 233-4487 ext 239

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