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[OPIRG-EVENTS] OOSF General Planning Meeting - M. Feb. 17th

Greetings all,

As you may or may not know, organizing has begun for
the Ottawa-Outaouais Social Forum (OOSF): A Community
Carnival for Change with a proposed date of
May 2-4th.  But don't think you've been left behind,
forum will be happening at 6:30 pm on Monday, February
17th in the Wylie Boardroom of the PSAC building (233
Gilmour St).  All are welcome to be part of the
process.  Once again, there will be childcare offered
in an adjacent room to the
boardroom, so moms and dads should rsvp with Angela:

The first planning meeting was held on Jan. 20th and
saw about 50 enthused people, with different
backgrounds and affiliations, come together for a
first exchange of ideas!  After introductions and a
backgrounder, breakout groups discussed objectives for
the OOSF and possible forum events that might achieve
them.  Feedback forms from attendees allowed for
initial formation of an Organizing Committee along with
these subcommittees:
Communications/Outreach, Food, Logistics, Comité
Francophone and Fundraising.

Along with the planning process, individuals and
organizations are encouraged to start thinking about
any content they might want to bring to the forum,
including but not limited to presentations, workshops,
skill-building seminars and artistic/creative
presentations.  Make it your forum!  The 2nd planning
meeting will continue the visioning process of
content for the forum, have a report from the
Organizing Committee and more.

For more information about the meeting, contact Kevin
at w:237-1590x226, h:728-7225.  

For more information on the OOSF, see

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