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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Support city council peace motion

On Wednesday, Feb. 26, Ottawa city council will consider a resolution
opposing a war on Iraq.

It's really important that councillors and the mayor hear loud and clear
that Ottawa residents want peace, not war. Voice your support for Ottawa to
take a stand against the war. Visit the website of the Canadian Union of
Public Employees to fax your city councillor, as well as federal elected

The municipal message will go to Mayor Bob Chiarelli and to your Ottawa
city councillor encouraging them to support a resolution opposing war on
Iraq, similar to resolutions being adopted in other North American cities. 

Please circulate this widely.

Fax your Ottawa city councillor:

If you don't know who your city councillor is, go to:

Fax Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Deputy Prime Minister John Manley,
Defense Minister John McCallum, and Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham:

Fax your MP:

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