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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fw: Organic grower Apprenticeship, seasonal, Perth, Mar 31 deadline

 Apprenticeship, seasonal, Perth, Mar 31 deadline

 Ravensfield Farm
 Apply by: March 31, 2003

 Perth, Lanark County  - Apprenticeship Opportunity

 Opening for 2 apprentices at Ravensfield Farm, near Perth,  Ontario, a 1
1/2 acre market garden plus animals, certified
 organic, moving towards bio-dynamic. This is an ambitious,  demanding
apprenticeship program offering an excellent  educational opportunity in
small-scale organic agriculture.
 The farm is dedicated to the goals of ecological betterment
 of the Earth and the local distribution of food of truly
 nourishing quality.

 Learning is through work experience, weekly discussion times
 and readings. The cost is $100/week for the season from
 April or May 1st to November 1st. Apprentices completing the
 season are eligible for a payment for work arrangement done
 in a risk sharing way.

 For more details contact Titia Posthuma @ (613) 268-2248,
 R. R. #2 Maberly Ontario K0H 2B0 or by e-mail c/o Cheryl
 at:  reic@perth.igs.net

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