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Subject: [npi-ott] Regional Meeting To Prepare for Visit to Ottawa by George
W. Bush

> To Prepare for a Visit to Ottawa by George W. Bush
> Anti-capitalist Community Action (ACA) and the Committee for Peace in Iraq
(CPI) invite all organizations, individuals, and affinity groups to a
regional planning meeting on March 15, 2003 to prepare for a visit to Ottawa
this spring by George W. Bush.
> =========================
> Saturday, March 15, 2003
> Ottawa, Ontario
> (specific location TBA)
> =========================
> With the arrival of George W. Bush in Ottawa on May 5, 2003
Anti-Capitalist Community Action (ACA) and the Committee for Peace in Iraq
(CPI) felt it was only fitting to help create a welcoming committee of all
those who oppose his policies.
> ACA and the CPI will host a regional planning meeting on Saturday, March
15th, where groups and individuals can begin to collaborate and organize
collectively in preparation for May 5th.
> The March 15th meeting will require some logistical organization so there
will be a preliminary meeting on February 26th (location TBA) for Ottawa
folks to plan for the March 15th meeting. February 26th is not a decisional
meeting, beyond logistics such as location and times, the only 'decision'
items to come from the meeting on the 26th will be proposals for both the
decision making and facilitation process to be used on the 15th.
> While we recognize the right and desire for groups to organize autonomous
actions, we encourage groups both in Ottawa/Hull (and Outaouais area) and
other communities organizing around his visit to get in touch with us so we
can co-ordinate with each other. Our aim is to help build a large coalition
of groups and individuals who oppose the policies of the Bush administration
and the systems of oppression which that administration represents.
> So get Ready!  More info coming soon.
> For more information or to get involved, contact:
> gwbfanclub@ziplip.com

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