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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Women's Day March for Peace - Saturday, March 8

Invest in caring not killing - No war on Iraq!

Because women and children are the majority of victims of armed 
conflict (UNICEF), because women are often the ones left to nurture 
children and soldiers sick, terrorized and orphaned, and because 
one-tenth of the $800 billion currently spent each year on military 
budgets worldwide could provide the basic necessities for all, the 
demand of this year's International Women's Day is for governments to 
invest in caring, not killing.

The women of Iraq face a particularly desperate situation, due to a 
decade of sanctions and the threat of massive violence to come. In 
response, the Committee for Peace in Iraq is organising an Ottawa 
march on International Women's Day to oppose a war on Iraq.

The march will start at the Women's Monument in Minto Park (Elgin and 
Gilmour) at 11:30 am. From there, we will march to the US embassy and 
surround it in symbolism of the US government's isolation from world 
opinion in their policy towards Iraq.

Following the march, an International Women's Day Fair - "Visions of 
Peace"- will happen at City Hall from 1 pm to 5pm.

For more information, contact ottawairaqaction@hotmail.com or phone 742-0999.
EMERGENCY PLANS in case of an Invasion of Iraq: on the day that the 
invasion begins, please meet at 5:30 pm at the eternal flame on 
Parliament Hill for a rally. People may be proceeding from there to 
the U.S. embassy.

On the first Saturday following the start of the bombing, there will 
also be an anti-war rally beginning at 12:00 at the eternal flame on 
Parliament Hill
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