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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Film screening of Cdn missionary in Guatemala

The National Film Board of Canada

  in co-operation with the Guatemala Solidarity Committee of Ottawa

  invites you to a screening of

  Raoul Léger, The Elusive Truth

  a film by Renée Blanchar

  produced by Jacques Turgeon

   MONDAY, MARCH 24, 7:30 PM

   Ottawa Public Library Auditorium

  120 Metcalfe Street

  Followed by a discussion with Renée Blanchar, Dr. Charles Godue, Dr.
Claude Pothel, forensic pathologist, Alberto
  Ramos, a friend of Raoul’s who is now a political refugee living in
Canada and worked for the Guatemala Justice
  and Peace Committee, and Raoul’s two sisters, Andréa and Cléola

  RSVP by March 20: (613) 995-9687

  In July of 1981 the body of Raoul Léger, a 30-year-old lay missionary
from New Brunswick, was exhumed from a
  mass grave in a cemetery in Guatemala City. According to an official
report by the military government of
  Guatemala, Léger had been a member of a communist guerrilla commando
group. Ambushed by the Guatemalan
  army, he and his comrades were believed to have chosen suicide rather
than surrender.

  The news spread like wildfire through the Canadian media. Questions
arose about the official story, and many
  suspected a political assassination. Despite pressure on the Canadian
government to open an official inquiry, the
  circumstances of Léger’s death have never been investigated.

  Dozens of questions remain unanswered. How did Raoul Léger die? Was he
assassinated? Tortured?
  Had he taken up arms in his own defence?

  Twenty years after his death, Raoul Léger’s family needs to know the
truth. His sisters, Cléola and Andréa,
  travel to Guatemala to the places where Raoul lived. They cross the
country from Guatemala City to Concepción,
  gathering first-hand accounts from those who knew their brother,
hoping to piece together the puzzle of his last
  months. They are joined by two lay missionaries who worked with Raoul
in Guatemala: Dr. Charles Godue and
  community organizer Gilles Rivet. Raoul Léger, The Elusive Truth
follows the four in their search.

  A film about the death of a man, the remarkable course of his life,

  the people he loved and the cause he believed in


  With English subtitles
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