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[OPIRG-EVENTS] March 12th - "In the Shadow of War" panel discussion

From: "SPHR University of Ottawa" <uofo@sphr.org>

"In the Shadow of War: Imposing a Clash of Civilizations?"

Two informative presentations by Dr. Canon Naim Ateek and by Dr. Meir 
Amor, two highly acclaimed speakers (one Palestinian, one Israeli) 
that will cover amongst other current issues terrorism, religious 
fundamentalism, the conflict in Israel/Palestine and the War on Iraq. 
Those presentations will be moderated by Professor John Sigler, 
former Director of Carleton University's prestigious Norman Patterson 
School of International Relations.

The event will open with a presentation:

Reality on the ground under the cloud of War: A report from a visit to Iraq.
By Mary Foster
Iraq Peace Team member who has just returned from Baghdad.

The Age of Extremism: Christian Zionism and the War on Terror:
Reshaping the Map of the Middle East
By Dr. Canon Naim Ateek
President of Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem

Dangerous Times: Regional Consequences to Palestinians and Israelis
By Dr. Meir Amor
Dr. Amor is an Israeli-Canadian professor of sociology at Concordia 
University in Montreal

Location: Porter Hall, Room 231 Unicenter 2nd floor, Carleton U.
Date: Wednesday March 12th 2003
Time: 7:00 PM

If you don't know the hall, please check the Carleton University Map 
for direction:  http://www.carleton.ca/cu/campus/ (For Parking use 
Parking Lot 2)

The Panel:

Professor John Sigler is one of Canada's most distinguished Political 
Scientists who, in addition to his on-going scholarly contributions, 
continues to provide commentary and critical analysis on TV and in 
the press. Professor Sigler's research interests have concentrated on 
American and Canadian foreign policy on the Middle East, with a 
current focus on peace plans for ending the Arab-Israeli conflict, an 
objective which is even more urgent in this period of intense crisis 
and confrontation.

Dr. Meir Amor is an Israeli-Canadian professor who teaches sociology 
at Concordia University in Montreal. He has studied at the University 
of Toronto were he wrote his dissertation on violent ethnocentric 
eruptions. Dr. Amor has published several articles in Peace Magazine 
dealing with the Israeli Palestinian conflict and focusing on 
political and cultural dimensions within the Israeli Jewish society.

The Rev. Dr. Canon Naim Ateek is a Palestinian Christian. He is the 
President of Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in 
Jerusalem and is a rising dynamic force in Palestinian political 
discourse. Canon Ateek revered and respected by many people of all 
faiths, is author of Justice, and Only Justice: A Palestinian 
Theology of Liberation. Dr. Jim Wallace of Sojourners Magazine who 
was the organizer of Bishop Tutu's US speaking tours in the past 
introduced Rev Ateek in Jerusalem as "Palestine's Desmond Tutu". 
During his 2001 North American tour, Rev Ateek was applauded by 
thousands of Canadians and was heard by thousands more on radio and 

Mary Foster has just returned from Baghdad, where she participated in 
the Iraq Peace Team, an international grassroots initiative to show 
solidarity with the people of Iraq. She is a social justice activist 
with a background in political philosophy who has worked as a 
researcher, NGO worker, and teacher. She has lived, worked and 
travelled in the Middle East.

Canadian Friends of Sabeel http://www.sabeel.org

Solidarity for Iraqi and Palestinian Children (SIPC) sipc@monisys.ca

Middle East Discussion Group (MEDG-Carleton)

Global Peace Coalition (GPC)

Read reports from the Iraq Peace Team at http://www.nowar-paix.ca/
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