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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Close Canada's Largest Weapons Fair, April 10, Ottawa

 >From: TASC [tasc@pop.web.ca]
 >Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 7:26 AM
 >Subject: Close Canada's Largest Weapons Fair, April 10, Ottawa
 >Close Canada's Largest Weapons Fair
 >CANSEC 2003, "One-stop shopping across the entire warfare spectrum."
 >Thursday, April 10, Ottawa Congress Centre, 55 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa
 >Join us for a series of nonviolent direct actions, including blockades,
 >sit-ins, die-ins, attempts to conduct citizens' weapons inspections, and
 >For further details contact Homes not Bombs, Ottawa, at (613) 237-0730
 >ext. 1, in Toronto at (416) 651-5800, in Hamilton at (905) 627-2696 or
 >526-7982, in Montreal at (514) 521-5252, in Kitchener-Waterloo at 745-9006
 >A southern Ontario bus will leave on the morning of Wednesday, April 9,
 >returning the evening of Thursday, April 10. Return tickets $40 includes
 >food and overnight accommodation (if you cannot attend but would like to
 >subsidize a bus seat or two, cheques can be made out to Homes not Bombs
 >and sent to PO Box 73620, 509 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto, ON M6C 1C0)
 >CANSEC is the largest annual exhibition of the weapons of war and
 >repression in Canada, hosted at the Ottawa Congress Centre in "an
 >informative and entertaining environment."
 >CANSEC represents the extent to which Canada profits from war, domestic
 >repression and inhuman border policies, and how this axis of evil is
 >used to protect the interests of the wealthy few.
 >CANSEC exhibitors include the largest weapons firms in Canada's
 >$5-billion-a-year war industry, including the branch plants of the U.S.'
 >leading arms manufacturers, as well as companies devoted to producing
 >ever more insidious technology of surveillance, infiltration, disruption and
 >Hence, CANSEC is intended for everyone from warriors intent on bombing
 >other countries into market submission to those who would spy on people
 >from Arabic and/or Middle Eastern background here in Canada, those who
 >are intent on producing further intrusive border mechanisms to halt the flow
 >of immigrants and refugees, and those who would use night vision equipment,
 >for example, to repress First Nations at Burnt Church trying to exercise
 >control over their waters.
 >Invitees include all NATO nations, as well as CSIS, the RCMP, Dept. of
 >Fisheries and Oceans, War Dept. personnel and Canadian Forces, Transport
 >Canada, Immigration, Parliamentarians, Department of Foreign Affairs and
 >International Trade, and Trade Team members who wish to sell weapons
 >CANSEC promises one-stop shopping for "The requirements of the Canadian
 >Forces, across the entire warfare spectrum and in recognition of the
 >evolving battle space," which includes space warfare, hi-tech command
 >and control systems, and "interoperability" technology to become further
 >embedded with U.S. forces.
 >Iraq is the latest testing ground for new generations of weapons and
 >weapons systems, such as Wescam's Predator targetting system, slated to
 >be the "superstar" of the escalation. These weapons dealers will be eagerly
 >watching what is taking place in Iraq as part of their sales campaigns
 >for "the next one."
 >Visit the website at www.cdia.ca and click on events for a complete list
 >of companies involved at CANSEC and more details.
 >Stay in touch with Homes not Bombs via tasc@web.ca (and yes, one of
 >these days we will have our own website, we're working on it!)

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