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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Request for support for non-violent direct action to throw a wrench in the works of this war

We ask for you to come and support our attempt to
throw a wrench in the works of this war through
non-violent direct action.  Please meet us at 8:30 am
on Friday March 21st at the War Memorial at the corner
of Elgin and Wellington.  Killing people on the other
side of the world means itís not business as usual on
this one!

Throw a wrench in the works! 
Contact: wrench_works@yahoo.ca

Now protests are turning to strikes and non-violent
direct actions breaking out around the world, greatly
in the United States and the United Kingdom as the
citizens reclaim their consent and attempt to impede
this war.  Please meet us at the war memorial and show
your support.

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