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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder NOWAR-PAIX meeting tonight at 7PM, 123 Simard Hall, Ottawa U.

Proposed agenda and minutes of last meeting:

Proposed Agenda for NOWAR-PAIX meeting, March 24, 2003

1. Introductions
2. Agenda Review
3. Minutes from the Last Meeting
4. Weekly March
--Route for next week (Pro-war on hill?)
--Strategy now ((Effort at big rallies?)
--Assignment of tasks
5. Logistics for events this week
--Kai event, 25 March.  Table, Literature, Send out announcements
--Canadians in the Middle East, 26 March
  Need MC? Postering, Lists, Press release
  Set up
6. Other events
--Report on George Bush plans
--Round Table report
--Mohamed Harkat
7. Treasurer's Report
8. Announcements

NOWAR-PAIX minutes, 10 March 2003

1. Weekly March
--Review of previous two weeks-Last week, March 8, was IWD rally
--Next Saturday, 15 March, meet at National Gallary at 1:00 to meet with
marchers from Hull

2. Event on Wednesday, March 19  Amphitheatre at St. Pauls
--Jamie will look for 4th speaker
--Darren is making a poster
--Will title the event "Canadians in the Middle East:  On International
Solidarity and Building Social Movements."

3. Other events we support
--Kai's event at NAC on 25 March
  We have endorsed, Will publicize
  Will set up table
--George Bush visit agenda -- Two organizing branches
  ACA/CPI will meet Sunday, 16 March at 10AM, Porter Hall.  Jamie will draft
a proposal for accessible mass rally on Monday
  Sierra Club, Unions, NGO's will meet Thursday at Noon, 280 Metcalfe to
plan Sunday event:  rally/concert at Lansdowne.
--CANSEC Canadian Defense Exhibition, Congress Centre, 10,11 April.
Proposal by Homes Not Bombs for Direct Action.  We will want to endorse and
--Mohamed Harkat trial
Dates set for Apr. 28, 29; May 1,2.  Likely open to public.  Want to get
people there.  Rally on Mar. 2 went well.
--Helen Caldicott event
We will endorse, help publicise; not lead organizers, stretched too thin.

4. Review of proposal for Round Table on Middle East
--Call for ongoing group modeled on CPI seemed too ambitious
--Will propose one time strategy session.

5. Review of emergency plans for start of invasion:  No Change

6. Next Meeting is Mar 24, 123 Simard Hall, Ottawa U.

Jo Wood

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