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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Ottawa Labour Against the War (OLAW) Meets Tonight: 7pm, 20 James St (at back), CUPE Boardroom

The Ottawa Labour Movement is Against the War!

For those of you that may not be aware, a group of Ottawa-area trade unionists
and workers has come together to form OLAW - Ottawa Labour Against the War.  This
is a group dedicated to increasing the presence and strategic co-ordination of
the labour movement in local anti-war organizing.

We have already had some success - but we need to keep building and extending our
outreach.  Please come to the next meeting, tonight, as follows:

What:		Ottawa Labour Against the War
When:		7pm, Monday March 24th
Where:	20 James St. (CUPE Boardroom, entrance at back)

The meeting will be used to discuss next steps in building a network of labour
activists opposed to this war, and how we might operate within the wider anti-war

Kevin Skerrett
237-1590 x226 (w)
864-1590 (cell)
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