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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Shut Down the British High Commission - Friday Mar 28


Non-Violent Direct Action

Shut Down the British High Commission
80 Elgin St. (across from the NAC)

Throw a Wrench in the Works of the War Machine

Friday March 28th

All of the working day (8am to 5pm)

We will be non-violently blocking all entrances to the building with our bodies.
It will not be business as usual while Britain wages this unjust war.

Please come down  and support this action anytime during the day.
There will be safe spaces for every level of involvement.

Bring your friends and family. Come by on your lunch hour to show your support.



British airfields are the launch pad for the B-52s that have been leaving daily on their bombing missions. These planes carry the cruise missiles that have been reigning terror on the people of Iraq. In the last few days hundreds of innocent Iraqis have died and many more have been injured. These bombs inflict horrific injuries. 

The vast majority of people and governments around the world have expressed that an invasion of Iraq is unnecessary, illegal and immoral.  And yet it is happening!

The US, UK, and a handful of supporters are flouting world opinion (including in their own countries) and causing a humanitarian and political disaster in Iraq.

In the US, in the UK, and around the world people are organising non-violent actions to directly stop the war machine.  On Friday we will prevent the UK high commission from going about its daily business-because its daily business includes providing support for a war on Iraq.

We encourage everyone to keep working for peace. Together, we can stop this war. 

For information on peace events in Ottawa, see http://www.nowar-paix.ca/  

For more information on anti-war direct actions in the Ottawa region, send an email to wrench_works@hotmail.com

We welcome your support anytime during the day from 8am to 5pm.


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