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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Canadians and the Middle East - TONIGHT

Media Advisory - Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Canadians and the Middle East: International Solidarity & Building 
Social Movements

Mary Foster, Mick Panesar, Maysa Jalbout, and Jaggi Singh to speak at 
St. Paul University this evening

Four Ottawa and Montreal activists will be comparing notes this 
evening as they discuss international solidarity with people's 
struggles in the Middle East. As the Israeli clampdown in the 
occupied territories continues -- even claiming the life of US 
activist and ISM worker Rachel Corrie just last week -- US and 
British forces continue their assault on Iraq, bringing inevitable 
human suffering and death. It becomes even more important for 
Canadians to understand the dynamics of the region and to build 
support for self-determination and peace within our communities here, 
as well as working across borders and across oceans to build 
understanding and to provide concrete support for people struggling 
to survive and maintain their dignity.

Mick Panesar of the Network to Oppose War and Racism (NOWAR-PAIX) 
will talk about direct international solidarity as a strategy for 
building social movements, based on his work in Ottawa as well as his 
recent experiences in Iraq with the Iraq Peace Team.

Mary Foster of Ottawa's Coalition for Peace in Iraq (CPI) will 
discuss the current work of the Iraq Peace Team. Mary also recently 
travelled to Iraq with the Iraq Peace Team (IPT).

Maysa Jalbout, is on the steering committee of Women Against 
Occupation, and former President of the Canadian Palestinian 
Educational Exchange (CEPAL). She will talk about the effects of the 
US attack on Iraq on the Palestinian situation, as well as what 
Canadians can do (and have been doing) to support Palestinians in the 
occupied territories and in refugee camps.

Jaggi Singh is a member of the "No One is Illegal" campaign. He will 
discuss his recent experiences in Palestine with the International 
Solidarity Movement (ISM), talking about the work of the ISM in 
Palestine, and Palestinian solidarity organizing in Montreal.

The evening's discussion will be moderated by Ottawa peace activist Soha Kneen.

Wednesday March 26th, 7:00pm
St. Paul's University Amphitheatre, (Rm.1124)
223 Main St., Ottawa

NOWAR-PAIX http://www.nowar-paix.ca

For more information on this event contact Jo Wood at 565-5959 or 
e-mail jo_wood@sympatico.ca

Read reports from the Iraq Peace Team at http://www.nowar-paix.ca/
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