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[OPIRG-EVENTS] CANSEC meeting Tuesday April 1st, local work to be done

There is an Ottawa meeting for folks who would like to
take part in or support the Homes not Bombs action -
trying to Close Canada's Largest Weapons Fair, CASEC
2003, where you will find your "One-stop shopping
across the entire warfare spectrum."
Organizing Meeting:
Tuesday April 1st at 7:00 p.m. 
123 Simard, University of Ottawa.

There are two type of organizing that we must do  

1)	Ottawa area participants must form their affinity
groups. These are groups of individuals who have an
affinity in how they would like to participate and do
so together.
2)	As the call out indicates, there are many folks
coming from different cities. Ottawa, however, is the
location of the action and so some support must be
organized here. Below is a list of support that must
be organized and progress on them so far. We are
looking for groups or individuals who would like to
organize any element of this support:

CANSEC task list for Ottawa groups
- scouting (Some started)
- food (needs to be organized)
- jail and legal support (LSO has been approached to
consider this)
- scenario workshop and jail support registration
night before
- medical (Some work started)
- billeting (A church has already been booked for
- translation (Needs to be organized)
- public education and outreach in Ottawa (Some
- prep workshops for Ottawa affinity group(s) (discuss
at meeting)
- Ottawa city council action(s) (discuss at meeting)
- creating Ottawa action(s) (eg blockade? internal

Please contact wrench_works@yahoo.ca if you would like
to work on one of these support tasks, or if a group
you are part of would like to organize one element.
(For example, one church is doing the billeting.) Work
on support can and has started before this meeting.

-------------------Call for action

Close Canada's Largest Weapons Fair
CANSEC 2003, "One-stop shopping across the entire
warfare spectrum."
Thursday, April 10, Ottawa Congress Centre, 55 Colonel
By Drive, 

Join us for a series of nonviolent direct actions,
lockades, sit-ins, die-ins, attempts to conduct
citizens' weapons inspections, and more.

For further details contact Homes not Bombs, Ottawa,
at (613) 
237-0730 ext. 1, in Toronto at (416) 651-5800, in
Hamilton at (905) 627-2696 or 526-7982, in Montreal at
(514) 521-5252, in Kitchener-Waterloo at 745-9006, in
Windsor (519) 258-1555

A southern Ontario bus will leave on the morning of
Wednesday, April 
9, returning the evening of Thursday, April 10. Return
tickets $40 
includes food and overnight accommodation (if you
cannot attend but would like to subsidize a bus seat
or two, cheques can be made out to Homes not Bombs and
sent to PO Box 73620, 509 St. Clair Ave. West,
Toronto, ON M6C 1C0)

CANSEC is the largest annual exhibition of the weapons
of war and
repression in Canada, hosted at the Ottawa Congress
Centre in "an
informative and entertaining environment." CANSEC
represents the extent to which Canada profits from
war, domestic repression and inhuman border policies,
and how this axis of evil is used to protect the
interests of the wealthy few.

CANSEC exhibitors include the largest weapons firms in
$5-billion-a-year war industry, including the branch
plants of the 
U.S.' leading arms manufacturers, as well as companies
devoted to producing ever more insidious technology of
surveillance, infiltration, disruption and control.

Hence, CANSEC is intended for everyone from warriors
intent on 
bombing other countries into market submission to
those who would spy on people from Arabic and/or
Middle Eastern background here in Canada, those who
are intent on producing further intrusive border
mechanisms to halt the flow of immigrants and
refugees, and those who would use night vision
equipment, for example, to repress First Nations at
Burnt Church trying to exercise control over their

Invitees include all NATO nations, as well as CSIS,
the RCMP, Dept. 
of Fisheries and Oceans, War Dept. personnel and
Canadian Forces, 
Transport Canada, Immigration, Parliamentarians,
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade,
and Trade Team members who wish to sell weapons

CANSEC promises one-stop shopping for "The
requirements of the 
Canadian Forces, across the entire warfare spectrum
and in recognition of the evolving battle space,"
which includes space warfare, hi-tech command and
control systems, and "interoperability" technology to
become further embedded with U.S. forces.

Iraq is the latest testing ground for new generations
of weapons and
weapons systems, such as Wescam's Predator targetting
system, slated 
to be the "superstar" of the escalation. These weapons
dealers will be 
eagerly watching what is taking place in Iraq as part
of their sales 
campaigns for "the next one."

Visit the website at www.cdia.ca and click on events
for a complete 
List of companies involved at CANSEC and more details.
Details on the show are at

Stay in touch with Homes not Bombs via tasc@web.ca
(and yes, one of 
these days we will have our own website, we're working
on it!)

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