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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Ottawa-Gatineau students against the war/ EtudiantEs contre la guerre - Plans for a Student Day of Action, Tuesday, April 4th, 7pm;

Bonjour tout le monde/Greetings,

This is a call-out from a student action sub-committee of the Committee for Peace
in Iraq (CPI) for a strategy meeting to prepare for a possible co-ordinated
student day of action against the war in Iraq.

Where:  			CUPW Boardroom, 377 Bank St.(off Lewis), ring at entrance
When:	  			Tuesday, April 1st, 7pm

Traduction disponible/ Translation available
Background - In recent days, students - particularly high students from Hull/Gatineau
- have been exercising tremendous leadership in the movement against this terrible 
war on the people of Iraq.  High school students from the Ottawa side of the rivers
are also show a very high level of interest in demonstrating opposition to the war,
but have not yet begun co-ordination of this opposition.

The Committee for Peace in Iraq would like to extend an invitation to all students,
and particularly high school students, from the Ottawa-Gatineau region, to come together
and discuss strategies for a co-ordinated student-led Day of Action Against the War.
What form this might take, and the precise timing will be left up to the students that
participate in this decision-making.

Therefore, we encourage all students to come to this meeting, along with sympathetic
teachers, to talk about how we might launch an even larger, more ambitious co-ordinated
student-led action.  CPI, and possibly other anti-war groups from the region, would like
to offer our support in building this.

For more information, please contact Kevin Skerrett, (613) 864-1590 (cell), or at

Pass this note on to any students or teachers that you think might be interested.
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