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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Tonight: Richard "Cda IS at war" Sanders on CPAC 9pm ET/6pm PT

Tonight on CPAC's program "Talk Politics"
      an interview by Ken Rockburn with
        yours truly (Richard Sanders)

    9 pm Eastern Time / 6 pm Pacific Time
   (repeated at 1 am and 7 am tomorrow, ET)
Please check local listings for station number.

The subject covered is (of course):
Canadian involvement in the war and the government pretense that we are not 
It's about 15 minutes long.
Also, as if that wasn't enough, please note that tomorrow:

CBC National TV News
Tomorrow morning, Rick Bogusky is interviewing me on CBC's National TV News 
on the subject of Canada's military exports to the US and the part that 
this Cdn equipment is playing in the war against Iraq.

Globe and Mail
Yesterday, the Globe and Mail ran a version of my article on page A13 which 
they called
"Who says we're not at war."

I am hoping that they'll run a correction tomorrow because they added a 
phrase to my article:
"last year we [Canada] sold them [the U.S.] $247-million worth of military 

I've asked that the correction note: (1) that this phrase is an grave 
underestimation of Canada's military exports (which were more likely as 
much as $1.7 Billion last year) and
(2) that it this phrase was ADDED to my article (i.e., I didn't write that.)
More on all that later.  We'll see what they do to correct their mistake, 
which -- of course -- runs directly counter to the whole thrust and purpose 
of my article.

sorry for the shameless self-promotion

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