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[OPIRG-EVENTS] NOWAR-PAIX march, Saturday, 5 April 12:00

Regular NOWAR/PAIX march
Saturday April 5th, 12:00pm
Corner of York and Sussex

This Saturday the Network to Oppose War and Racism
(NOWAR/PAIX) will continue its regular marches, held
every Saturday since October of 2001.  The network
started the marches after the United States and its
allies, including Canada, started bombing the people
of Afghanistan. Our marches continue and highlight
different issues of war, racism and the erosion of
civil rights. Our current focus is the war in Iraq.

As we march, we distribute literature and engage our fellow citizens
in the Market.  This week we will be spreading the word about the 
International March on April 12!  

Please bring your signs, your outrage and your

Jo Wood
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