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[OPIRG-EVENTS] April 22nd: Exposing the Lies: What George W. Bush's regime is really all

Date: April 22, 2003 
Time: 7PM 
Location: Room C03, Colonel By Hall, Ottawa U, 161 Louis Pasteur 
Wheelchair Accessible 
Cost: Free! 
Childcare: Will be provided for free.  Bring your kids! 

Anti-Capitalist Community Action will host a panel looking at the results 
of George Bush's brutal economic and political policies both at home and 
abroad.  The panel will focus on imperialism as seen in the "new American 
century" doctrine pushed by the US in Iraq (and soon to be more countries); 
on the war at home as most devastatingly played out in the recently 
increased racist obsession on "border security" issues; on the effects of 
capitalism, as the driving force that is behind all of these policies; and 
on two specific manifestations of all of these forces - the struggles in 
Colombia and Palestine. 

The panelists will analyze and expose the deceitful, imperialistic, and 
outright racist system that the Bush doctrine represents. A doctrine that 
is currently being shoved down the throats of people around the world AND 
here at home. 

On May 5th, the focus of this panel, the new Emperor George W Bush, was 
scheduled to be in Ottawa to address the joint House of Commons and Senate 
on border issues and international relations.  While it appears that Bush's 
visit has been postponed, this ACA event will also serve as a reminder of 
why we should all be out on the streets on whenever Bush comes to oppose 
him and all that he represents. 


Mary Foster 
A member of Block the Empire Montreal and the Committee for Peace in Iraq 
(CPI) - Ottawa, speaking on the many facets of Bush's imperialism, 
including some reflections on her recent time in Iraq with the Iraq Peace 

Justin Podur 
Toronto based writer for ZNet (www.zmag.org), volunteer for International 
Solidarity Movement (ISM).  Visited Colombia and Occupied Palestine as a 
solidarity activist and reporter.  He will be speaking about the U.S. role 
in the current situations in Colombia and Palestine. 

Shannon Willmott 
An organizer with Anti-Capitalist Community Action (ACA) and its working 
group Direct Action Casework Ottawa (DACO), speaking about the local 
effects of capitalism. 

A person from Montreal to be confirmed who will be talking about the 
implications of the racist push for "border security" and how we can fight 


War at home, War Abroad 

The war at home includes the scapegoating and attacks on immigrant and 
refugee communities, as well as so-called "anti-terrorist" laws that are 
nothing but a judicial assault on civil rights and political organizing, 
with clear racist implications. 

The war abroad has seen the steadily increasing death toll of innocent 
Iraqis, the massive build up of US troops in Latin America and in 
particular Columbia, and the less than impressive "reconstruction" of 

These acts are NOT isolated incidents.  They are representative of the 
brutal system that Emperor George W Bush heads. A system of corporate-
backed globalisation that places more value on commerce than on lives.  A 
system that is waging destruction on people and the environment all in the 
name of greed and control. A system that we all must oppose in solidarity. 
This system is capitalism. 

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