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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Court Dates for Peace Activists

 from: "Laura Shevchenko" <seaturtle90@hotmail.com>
At 3:21 PM -0600 4/14/03, Laura Shevchenko wrote:
>hey paul i am having computer trouble - i wasn't able to send the court dates out to everyone on the list, can you do this?


Here is a list of upcoming court dates for Ottawa peace activists arrested while working for peace.
The courthouse is located at 161 Elgin Street, Ottawa (next door to City Hall)
You can ask at information for courtroom number.

Come out and support them!!!

Tuesday April 15 
courtroom #6 at 1pm
Chad Brazier
RE: British High Commission March 28 action
To have conditions of release changed

Wednesday April 16 - 8:30 AM
Court Room 5
Polad Saffari, Jennifer Copestake, Chad Brazier, Paul Smith
RE: British High Commission March 28 action
First Appearance

Tuesday April 22 -  8:30AM
Courtroom # 5
Angela Pinchero, Mary Hutcheon, Clayton Dignard
RE: CANSEC action                                                                                                                           ;                            First Appearance

Thursday May 1 - 8:30 AM
Courtroom #5
Paul Smith, Clayton Dignard
RE: British High Commission March 21 action
First Appearance

Friday May 2 - 8:30AM
Courtroom #5 
James Robinson 
RE: CANSEC action
First Appearance
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