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Friday, April 18th 
Mercury Lounge, Byward Market, Ottawa

Hello CKCU! You've got all my RHYTHM ACTIVISM,
BAKUNIN'S BUM, and DaZoque! cds. I have over 40 albums
out there. 

I'm coming from Montreal to Ottawa for a rare show
only Friday, April 18th at the Mercury Lounge. It will
be a combo book launch (my newest: 'The Anarchist &
The Devil Do Cabaret' - Black Rose Books); anti-war
and sex positive spoken word and live music show. I
will perform extracts from my new book (a collection
of short stories, band travelogue, etc., from Europe),
other pieces (including my hit: 'DILDO LOVE') and
accompany myself on an amplified, sampled violin with
beats and loops thrown in. Interested in an interview?
Look forward to hearing from you.Thanks! Norman


Montreal's multi-talented, anarcho
author/actor/musician Norman Nawrocki brings his
moving and provocative 'anarcho rhymes, beats &
strings' show based on his acclaimed newest book -
'The Anarchist & The Devil Do Cabaret' (Black Rose
Books, 2003) to Ottawa's Mercury Lounge, Friday April
18th for one show only. Nawrocki,  who The Globe &
Mail describes as "a born showman who never lets his
audiences pass a dull evening," is known
coast-to-coast not only for his hilarious and raunchy
series of 'sex-positive' comedy cabarets (with giant
dancing, singing sex parts and toys), his poetry &
fiction books, his bands Rhythm Activism, Bakunin's
Bum, DaZoque!  (over 45 albums), his CBC TV and radio
work, and his lectures and workshops about 'Creative
Resistance,' but also for his topical and mesmerizing
spoken word /live, solo music performances that make
people laugh and cry. 

He will read and perform excerpts from 'The Anarchist
& The Devil Do Cabaret,' and accompany himself with
his amplified, modified violin, a sampler, drum
machine, and assorted pedals and toys (vibrating bass
dildo, a marble-in-a-frying-pan, dishwashing brushes,
knives, beer bottles). He'll throw in some traditional
East European divorce music and his newest  spoken
word pieces about war resistance, relationships,
Celine Dion, American fear-mongering, love and
anarchy. The result: a mix of traditional, digital,
humourous music, with some serious and tongue in cheek
social commentary. 

The Montreal Gazette describes him as "A ubiquitous
musical prankster." Winnipeg's Stylus Magazine says
his spoken word/live sampled music shows are
"hilarious and politically powerful."Nawrocki's
long-awaited 207 page, illustrated new book (available
and selling worldwide) is a rollicking Rhythm Activism
(RA) band travelogue of Europe and a collection of 23
short stories Nawrocki wrote on tour. It includes a
series of fictitious letters(1939-1990) from an
eccentric uncle to Norman's father. The stories,
'urban fairy tales' - real and exaggerated are filled
with a cast of friends, lovers, panhandlers and
anarchists. Music critics described Norman's rock 'n
roll cabaret band RA, as 'powerful, brilliant &
subversive.' His newest book is being called "vivid &
riveting' (HOUR, Montreal); 'Quite the road trip!'
(The Winnipeg Sun);'An anthem for social justice'
(Amazon.ca); 'Fearless & funny' (The Georgia Straight,

A versatile cabaret artist, Nawrocki has toured
Canada, the USA and Europe since 1985 with his bands
and his provocative, one man sex-positive,
anti-sexist, sex comedy cabarets like 'Sex Toys!'; 'My
Dick & other manly tales;' and 'I Don't Understand
Women!' His last album, self-titled with his
all-instrumental band 'DaZoque!', won rave reviews
across Canada and was praised by the respected
Montreal daily, Le Devoir as 'Audacious, astonishing &
delicious,''and 'lovely & soulful playing, had me
thinking of my favorite Kronos Quartet stuff' (Jowi
Taylor, Global Village, CBC Radio) .The band played a
sold-out show at the last Montreal International
Festival of Jazz. 

Nawrocki was recently featured in a documentary film
about 'rebel music' in Quebec, and was commissioned by
CBC Radio One to write a series of six theatre pieces
about a 'talking payphone' in one of Montreal's
poorest neighbourhoods. Together with 1 Speed Bike
(the drummer from Godspeed you black emperor!), he
formed the Bakunin's Bum duo which released a CD in
2001 called  'Fight to Win!' - a benefit album for the
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (on G-7 Welcoming
Committee Records). The Globe & Mail called it 'a
satisfying ambient-music project.' Nawrocki was last
in Ottawa performing a benefit for the Ottawa
Coalition Against the Tories.                

- 30 - 

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