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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Book launch: Globalization, War & Resistance - David McNally

OPIRG (University of Ottawa) and Octopus Books announce a public meeting and
book launch…


A talk by David McNally, in conjunction with the Ottawa launch of his most
recent book: Another World is Possible: Globalization and Anti-Capitalism

Date: April 23, 7 PM
Place: U of O, Room 224 Simard Hall (south of Laurier, near the transitway)

His book is an inspiring call for a renewal of radical left politics that
draws on both Marxist and Anarchist traditions.

John Clarke from OCAP says the book ‘offers a vision of social
transformation that is both explosive and timely.’ It is ‘a powerful
weapon…for those who fight to win.’

Professor Ellen Wood says it contains ‘the kind of lucid and penetrating
analysis’ that ‘will be am invaluable asset to all those engaged in the

In addition to being a well published academic – with three previous books:
Political Economy and the Rise of  Capitalism (Univ. of California), Against
the Market (Verso) and Bodies of Meaning: Studies on Language, Labour and
Liberation (Suny) – McNally is well known in Toronto as an activist, being
the chairperson of the OCAP allies, a long-time activist in the York faculty
association, a member of the New Socialist Group, and a member of the
editorial boards of two activist publications: Canadian Dimension and New

This meeting is sponsored by the Ontario Public Interest Research Group
(University of Ottawa), Octopus Books and the New Socialist Group

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