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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder: NOWAR/PAIX Sat march April 19th

Reminder: NOWAR/PAIX Sat march April 19th

This is a reminder of the Saturday NOWAR/PAIX march,
held Saturdays at noon at the corner of York St. and
Sussex in the Market, are continuing.

These marches have been taking place since Oct 2001
(bombing of Afghanistan), and are described below.
Please bring your signs, instruments, noisemakers,
children, friends, outrage.

(This is different from the march starting tonight,
Fri, at 7:00pm at Minto Park, Gilmour and Elgin)


*    To be a regular presence opposing war, racism,
and the erosion of civil liberties
*    To hand out literature to those we meet.
*    To support one another and communicate about
upcoming events.


*    Meet at the corner of York and Sussex 
*    12:00 Meeting time (Time to share information,
network, and organize)
*    12:15 March begins (Through the market, past the
American Embassy, to Parliament Hill)

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