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Join the NOWAR-PAIX march this Saturday, 26 April.

When and where?

*    Meet at the corner of York and Sussex
*    12:00 Meeting time (Time to share information, network, and organize)
*    12:15 March begins (Through the market, past the American Embassy, to
Parliment Hill)


*    To be a regular presence opposing war, racism, and the erosion of civil
*    To hand out literature to those we meet.
*    To support one another and communicate about upcoming events.

Help raise awareness of how the Occupation of Iraq is not about liberation:

--Many U.S. corporations closely connected with the White House have been
awarded lucrative reconstruction contracts.
--Iraqi demonstrators against a U.S. imposed government have been shot by
U.S. marines.
--Although denied by Rumsfeld, the New York Times has reported negotiations
for four perminant U.S. military bases in Iraq.
--Negotiations are underway to rebuild a pipeline from Iraq to Israel that
would insure Israel and the U.S. a secure source of oil.
--While many government buildings were burned and looted, the Ministry of
Oil was guarded by U.S. troops.

Jo Wood

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