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[OPIRG-EVENTS] CPAWS Presents "Blue Wilderness of Manitoba"

[Amazing photography - this is gorgeous presentation - j.]

Blue Wilderness of Manitoba
with Roger Turenne
Tuesday, April 29th , 7:00 p.m.
Auditorium of the Ottawa Public Library, Main Branch
(120 Metcalfe, at Laurier)

Well-known naturalist Roger Turenne comes to Ottawa April 29 with his 
multimedia depiction of one of Canada's most remarkable and 
least-known natural areas: the Blue Wilderness of Manitoba. This 
magnificent region of the Manitoba Lowlands has long been identified 
as a national park candidate - a proposal that received a recent 
boost when it was included in the Prime Minister's Action Plan for 
Parks Canada.

The Blue Wilderness is a vast area of cliffs, caves and azure lakes 
with endless beaches in the heart of northern Manitoba. Its forests 
shelter species as diverse as bison, caribou and elk, and its 
numerous bodies of water abound with an amazingly rich variety of 
birdlife including some of Canada's largest colonies of pelicans, 
cormorants, terns, herons and cranes.

For more than a decade naturalists have worked to see this 
outstanding area recognized as a national park - work that Roger 
Turenne took up on his retirement from public service. A former 
Canadian diplomat, delegate to UNESCO and special advisor on language 
policy for the Manitoba government, Mr. Turenne is also an author, a 
photographer and a passionate nature-lover who quickly became a 
leader of the campaign to have the Blue Wilderness protected. His 
show and his exceptional photography have been seen by thousands of 
people in Western Canada, and he has appeared on numerous television 
news and nature shows. Thanks to his efforts, Mr. Turenne has been 
honoured with the province's two highest environmental awards. In 
1996 the Manitoba and Canadian governments agreed to work towards 
establishing a national park in the Blue Wilderness.

In support of this magnificent park proposal, the Canadian Parks and 
Wilderness Society has invited Mr. Turenne to bring his special blend 
of music and photography to Ottawa for the first time. We invite you 
to discover the Blue Wilderness, and to meet one of its most eloquent 

Tickets are $5, and are available at the door. For information or to reserve
tickets, contact Scott Nurse at (613-569-7226), or snurse@cpaws.org.
Alison Woodley
Federal/Northern Campaigner
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)
National Office
tel: (613) 569-7226 ext 227

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