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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder-- NOWAR-PAIX meeting

NOWAR-PAIX meets this Monday, 28 April at 7:00 in Rm. 123 Simard Hall,
University of Ottawa.

Minutes NOWAR-PAIX meeting 21 April

1.	The next meeting of NOWAR-PAIX will be next Monday, 28 April, 7:00, 123
Simard Hall.

2.	NOWAR-PAIX march for next Saturday, April 26
--e-mail notices, Jo
--Greeting, Melonie and Pouran
--Literature, Jo
--Contact Elias and Clay about signs and banners, Angela

3.	For Saturday, May 3, Physicians for Global Survival are having a march,
starting at noon on the hill.  We will have the NOWAR-PAIX march start on
the hill as well.

4.	Social Forum
--We reviewed the general plan as submitted by Jamie and approved in
--Angela and Andy will work on getting resource people lined up.
--Jo will get facilitators for the overall process and ask people to be
prepared to facilitate breakout groups as needed..
--Draft of program will be Angela and Jamie(?)
--It would be a good idea to have a minute taker when people are all in the
large group.  (Individual breakout rooms will keep their own minutes.)  Jo
will ask for a volunteer.
--Stuart will look into whether lunch is provided.
--To spread the word
      Everyone will contact personal networks
      Jo will make sure information is posted on the website and sent to
      Angela will get the endorsement lists to send out notices.

5.	Marjorie and Stuart will get a list of references that will be suggested
readings for the forum and we will link to them from the website.

6.	Review of CPI round table for May 8
Follow up on Social Forum, with emphasis on strategy and focus on Iraq.
NOWAR-PAIX will participate in May 8.

7.	Fund raisers.
Len and Beth are having a dance party on 17 May.  Extra funds will go to a
newly formed Legal Defense fund for CPI.
Mick announced that he and Yavar Hameed are planning a musical fund raising
event for June 19 at the Mercury Lounge.  (Yaver organized the highly
successful Artists Against the War event earlier.)

8.	Police, courts, etc.
Reviewing the various incidents where police have arrested or ticketed
people involved in demonstrations, it was decided that NOWAR-PAIX should
develop a strategy for dealing with this unacceptable situation.
Melanie and Jo were interested in working on this.
Angela said that the Witnesses have arranged a meeting with the Police
Commission on 5 May.  Jo will get Witness contact from Angela and will find
out who can go and will ask to have NOWAR-PAIX represented.

9.	Pouran will invite a member of Mujahedeen Khalq Organization to talk to
us at the next meeting.

10.	The Nonviolent Peace Force is having a panel discussion on 7 May on the
increased killings in the Middle East.  NOWAR-PAIX endorsed this panel and
will have a table at the event.

11.	The round table strategy discussion on Palestine is going to be
scheduled.  Angela will suggest May 13, 14 or 16 as possible dates to other
interested groups.

Jo Wood

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