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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Mac Harb town hall meeting on Canadian foreign policy - Monday!

Mac Harb, Liberal MP for Ottawa Centre, will host a town hall on 
Canada's foreign policy on Monday evening, April 28 at 6 PM at the 
Canadian Legion Montgomery Hall at 330 Kent Street (corner of 
MacLaren Street).

While I tend to support using the Legion hall as a community hall, 
I'm afraid this looks like a setup to provoke a pro-war response. 
Unfortunately few veterans are able to support peaceful policies, 
somehow feeling that it would invalidate their sacrifices to do so. 
Given Canada's increasingly neoliberal and corporatist foreign 
policy, I hope people will attend Monday night's session, or write 
in, to support Canada's non-intervention in Iraq and criticise our 
pathetic pandering to US interests transnational (Canadian) 
corporations' pillaging of poorer countries in the guise of 

See the government discussion paper at http://www.foreign-policy-dialogue.ca
  - comments will be accepted until May 1.

- j.
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