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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Labour and environmental speakers on implementing Kyoto

Public Forum

Labour and Environmentalist Perspectives of Implementing Kyoto


Andy King - National Health, Safety, and Environment Co-ordinator of 
the United Steelworkers of America

John Bennett  - Executive Director of the Climate Action Network

Friday,  May 2nd,  2003    6:30pm

Algonquin College Woodroffe Campus room  T102 - B
1385 Woodroffe Avenue (Baseline Bus Station) Ottawa,ON


Canada ratified the Kyoto Protocol in December, 2002 and then set 
aside $2 billion dollars to address climate change in the budget 
presented in February of this year. But as yet, there is no 
indication of how these resources will be allocated towards programs 
designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. Andy King of 
the United Steelworkers of America and John Bennett of the Climate 
Action Network will present their perspectives on how to achieve 
Canada's commitments under the Kyoto Protocol while at the same time 
benefitting from cleaner air, improved health and enhanced employment 

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