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[OPIRG-EVENTS] May Day March

May Day March: Thursday, May 1, 5pm, Spanish Civil War Memorial

On May Day, come out and celebrate the real worker's holiday.  A march will
proceed from the Spanish Civil War Memorial (located next to the Rideau
Falls, near the Canada & the World Pavilion) at 5pm and continue through
Lowertown to Major's Hill Park.  From there, the march will cross the
Alexandra Bridge and meet with the Hull May Day march.  For more
information, contact emak_bakia@hotmail.com.

Organized by the May Day Coalition
The May Day Coalition consists of the Ottawa-Outaouais Industrial Workers of
the World, Anti-capitalist Community Action, the Ottawa-Outaouais General
Defence Committee, and The Durruti's Camera Collective.

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