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[OPIRG-EVENTS] CPAWS Slideshow: Making Maps to Protect Habitat


May 7, 2003, 7:15 p.m.
Mountain Equipment Co-op
366 Richmond Road, Ottawa
Public Transit: Transit waystop at Westboro, then
transfer to #2, or #18.

*Making Maps to Protect Habitat*
The ecological health of our national parks depends on
what happens in
the greater park ecosystem - the area around a park
that influences the
park's natural systems.  Nowhere is this more
important than around St
Lawrence Islands National Park in eastern Ontario. 
The park is a
critical link for wildlife in the
Algonquin-to-Adirondacks landscape,
but this broader landscape is also critical for park
wildlife.  CPAWS is
using GIS mapping technology to identify natural
heritage features in
the greater park ecosystem of St Lawrence Islands and
three other
national parks across Canada.  The result is a
powerful tool for
communities to conserve these important habitats. 
Come and see what
we've found around St Lawrence Islands National Park.


*Beautiful and Interesting Things in Algonquin Park*
CPAWS member and volunteer Ian Whyte shares slides of
things that have
caught his eye during four decades of exploring
Algonquin Park.  Just 
time for summer exploring.

Please note: May 7th will be the final Wilderness
Wednesday for the
season.  Please join us the following month at our
annual general
meeting June 11th at the National Library, 7 pm.  Our
guest speaker,
Conrad Reining of The Wildlands Project, will be
speaking about
re-wilding northeastern North America.

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