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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Tuesday: Tout va Bien film screening, 7 pm Arts Court 2 Daly Ave.

Film Screening: 
Tuesday, May 13, 7pm, 
Independent Filmmakers' Cooperative of Ottawa, 
Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue, Room 140

The Durruti's Camera Collective presents a free
screening of Jean-Luc Godard's 1972 film, Tout va
Bien.  The film explores the role of film/media in
workers' struggles, the legacy of May '68, and
militant workers' movements.  This event is being held
in the IFCO Member's Lounge, but is not an IFCO event
and is open to non-IFCO members.  The film is in
French with English subtitles.  A presentation and
discussion will accompany the screening.  For more
information, consult www.geocities.com/durruti_camera/
or contact emak_bakia@hotmail.com.

Seven Year Squat Benefit: Friday, May 23, 8pm,
Bumper's, 580 Bank Street

The Ottawa-Outaouais General Defence Committee
presents a benefit concert to raise funds for the
legal defence of the Seven Year Squat defendants.  The
show will feature Dave Bleakney, Sunday Riot, and The
Super Fishels.  Doors open at 8pm, 19+, $5 at the
door, with all proceeds going to the Seven Year Squat
legal defence.  For more information, contact emak_bakia@hotmail.com.

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