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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Local round table - Palestine and Israel Thurs May 22nd

22nd, 7:00pm. St. Paul's University, room 104

This is a round table discussion for groups and
individuals working on anti-war, anti-racism, human
rights, democracy and civil liberty issues within the
context of Palestine and Israel. The idea is to lay
out the work that is being done by various groups.
This may also give space to explore the potential for
possible collaboration and cooperation. NOWAR/PAIX is
hosting the evening ľall are welcome.

Proposed Format:
1)	Introductions
2)	Agenda review
3)	Overview of the current situation
4)	Moment of silence for the dead, wounded and
5)	Go-round: What each group/person has been doing and
what is the goal/strategy behind it?
6)	Open discussion: What needs to happen and how can
it be done?
7)	Conclusions and strategic recommendations
8)	Go-round: evaluation and next steps

Please contact: 613-523-1077 or nowar_paix.org

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