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[OPIRG-EVENTS] before May 24 - You can help: Native Land Rights -

    ** please circulate to your networks **

It's almost time for the Great Glebe Garage Sale!!
      Saturday May 24,  8 am to about 2 pm

You can donate your spring cleaning to our fund-raiser 
at the Great Glebe Sale - 
we can pick up - call us at 729-0504 or 761-1724.

Or come and buy at our tables at the Quaker Meeting House 
on 4th Ave, just east of Bank St.  
Remember - parking is tough in the Glebe but
we can deliver your purchases !! [within reason <;) ]

Fortify yourself with Fair Trade coffee or tea 
and home baking at our sale!

Outaouiais Lubicon Solidarity is working for a just 
resolution for the Lubicon Cree of Alberta, 
in their struggle to have Prime Minister
Chretien live up to his promise to settle the 
Lubicon Indian Nation's 64-year-old land claim.



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