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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Mayworks play at the Great Canadian Theatre Company

i didn't notice anyone posting this ottawa mayworks
event so here it is...


May 20 - June 8, 2003 

By Jason Sherman 

A moment of theatrical history recreated and explored
by the playwright of Patience, An Acre of Time and The
League of Nathans. It's New York, 1937: art and
politics collide when the government locks the doors
of the theatre about to premiere a new political
musical, The Cradle Will Rock. So what does the
director do? Well, he's Orson Welles, so expect the
unexpected! A fascinating, savagely funny combination
of social satire and human relationships in the face
of oppression and ambition. 

"Delights and amazes-brilliantly layering reality and
-The Globe and Mail 

Director: Stewart Arnott
Stage Manager: Kathryn Westoll
Set & Costume Designer: John Ferguson
Lighting Designer: Erica Hassel
Featuring: Liza Balkan, Hal Eisen, John Koensgen, Sean
Sullivan, Alix Sideris, Richard Zeppieri as Orson

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