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Hello everyone!

As requested by PETA, we will hold a "Mad Cow"
action this Wednesday in Ottawa.  Standing outside
a grocery store, with our friendly cow mascot, we
will hand out PETA's Vegetarian Starter Kits.  Our
signs will read: "IT'S MAD TO EAT MEAT, GO
VEGETARIAN".  Your presence is needed to hold
signs and distribute the Kits.  An e-mail or phone
confirmation of your intention to participate,
sent to me, Nathalie, would be greatly appreciated
prior to the 28th.

Location:  LOEB, 245 Rideau Street
              (across from Dworkin Furs)
Date:  Wednesday May 28
Time:  12noon - 1pm

Cheers to healthy vegans!
Nathalie Paquin

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