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[OPIRG-EVENTS] (Fwd) [CfSC] Commuter Challenge and Bike to Work Week - May 30

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From:           	"John M. Calvert" <jcalvert@cfsc.ottawa.on.ca>
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Subject:        	[CfSC] Commuter Challenge and Bike to Work Week - May 30 - June 6
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In case anyone has a last minute urge to organize their workplace for the
Commuter Challenge, check out these websites:

or contact the EnviroCentre at:
City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa
(613) 580 2582
(613) 560 2123

And for those who cynically think that their building or property
management isn't interesting in supporting this event or cycling in
general, you can always hope that veteran cycling advocate Bruce Lowe's
sister in law run's the show, as is the case at the Clarica Centre in
downtown Ottawa.

The building I work in is 99 Bank St, part of the Clarica Centre. I spoke
with the manager of Tenant Services at the Clarica Centre:
Paula Partner, Manager - Tenant Services
Clarica Centre
50 O'Connor St, Suite 215
Ottawa, ON K1P 6L2
560-7888 x3657
560-7739 (f)
761-3026 (c)

Paula is super keen to put on an event and display for next week. Given
the short lead time she is going for something simple this time around but
she should be good next year for something bigger. I'm just starting to
network with other cyclists as CATSA and in these buildings so we don't
have the links in place to give Paula much support. She spoke specifically
of issuing a challenge to one or several of the other downtown towers.
Once again, bigger and better for next year.

If you know of anyone that could attend at 99 Bank / 50 O'Connor such as
from the Police Bicycle Patrol, Paramedics Bicycle Patrol, CfSC, OCAC,
etc, I'm sure that Paula would be interested to arrange with them. Of
course this would be during the morning or evening commute hours. Feel
free to get in touch with her directly, or call me at the office,

John M. Calvert

Virtual home - http://members.rogers.com/john-m-calvert/

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