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Summer Job Posting

Ottawa & District Labour Council  Workers¹ Heritage Centre Project

Undertake research to assist in a community development project to establish
a Workers¹ Heritage Centre in an Ottawa heritage home, the "Gammon House".
 The student hired will gain work experience and develop learning
experiences related to studies during the summer employment.

← Develop a list of resources available to the Workers¹ Heritage Centre,
← Research the history of the Gammon House (c1874) and its former residents,
← Research the history of the community around the Gammon House, 
← Develop a communications plan to inform the labour movement, the local
heritage organizations and the broader community as to the goals of the
Workers¹ Heritage Centre,
← Assist in the development of boards policies and procedures to assist in
the operation of the Gammon House as an effective location for the Workers¹
Heritage Centre,
← Research and design displays to promote the WHC and local workers history,
← The research will be conducted in the City of Ottawa Archives, National
Archives of Canada, City of Ottawa, and other local heritage institutions,
← The student will have access to, and the support of, advisory committees
of experts in the related field of historical research,
← Will work in conjunction with the project partners.

The Labour Council¹s is a not-for profit organization.  Its Workers¹
Heritage Committee is involved in a study to establish a community-based
museum/centre that will present the heritage and culture of Ottawa¹s working
classes.  The Workers¹ Heritage Centre will become a venue to interpret and
present working class history in our community and to present and interpret
issues that affected workers lives using selected artifacts, interpretive
panels and photos.  Once operational the WHC will be a platform from which
Ottawa tells the history of its working classes, the mechanics, labourers
and their families  their political and social history.  This study will
work in conjunction with partners, City of Ottawa, Vanier Museum and the
Vanier Business Improvement Association to establish Vanier as a tourist

Qualifications: A mature High School or Post Secondary student that is able
to work in a team environment with minimum supervision.  Ability to work in
both languages is an asset. 

Wage: $350.00 per week  this position is for 10 weeks starting June 30th.

Applications to: WHC Researcher  ODLC, 500-280 Metcalfe St. Ottawa K2P 1R7
email: smckenny@ottawalabour.org   www.ottawalabour.org
Dead-line:  June 18th.  (Students should register with their HRDC Summer
Employment Centre)

The WHC thanks HRDC for a Summer Career Placement grant for this position. -
 May 27-03
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