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[OPIRG-EVENTS] (Fwd) [CfSC] Bike to Work Day June 3rd

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Date sent:      	Mon, 02 Jun 2003 16:54:42 -0400
From:           	Jennifer Allen <promo@cfsc.ottawa.on.ca>
Subject:        	[CfSC] Bike to Work Day

Tuesday June 3 is designated Bike to Work Day for the Commuter 
Challenge/Environment Week Activities. CfSC encourages one and all to 
ride to work or school. You can even get a treat on your ride home if 
you pass by one of the 6 'Bike Stops':

"Those biking from work will be met along bike paths across the city 
from 3:00 to 6:00 pm with refreshments and cycling information. 
Councillor Alex Cullen will be at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre to 
greet cyclists.

Locations Include: Lees Transitway, Dows Lake, Mooney's Bay, Lakeside 
Gardens, Beechwood and Rideau River Bridge, Mountain Equipment Co-op 
parking lot."

If you need help planning your route, CfSC offers a route planning 
service. Email promo@cfsc.ottawa.on.ca or phone 567-1288.

Happy cycling!

Jennifer Allen
Cycling Safety and Promotion Program Coordinator
251 Bank Street Suite 504 (at Cooper)
K2P 1X3
(613) 567-1288		(613) 567-1818 fax

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