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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder - resist the empire organizing update meeting TONIGHT (June 4th) for July 4th

Further collaborating, coordinating and organizing for
a resistance to the American Empire on Empire day 
July 4th!

Wednesday June 4 at 7:00pm 
20 James Street (The first building west of Bank
Street. James is two blocks north of Gladstone in
central Ottawa. Enter at rear of building, press
buzzer if door is locked.)

Background: This is a reminder that the tonight (June
4th) there is an update/organizing meeting on a day of
resistance to the American Empire. This came out of a
round table project where local Ottawa-Outaouais
anti-war groups/individuals talked about our next
steps. One that received a lot of support was a day of
resistance on July 4th. Some informal idea's were
talked about. 

Last week there was a meeting hosted by ROCG and a
proposal for July 4th resistance was formed. I believe
other proposals have been formed too. Tonight is a
check-in for different groups and a meeting to help
further coordinate and organize our resistance.

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