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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fwd: George Wilson to Receive Fred Cappuccino Award

From: Diane Schmolka <schmolka@cyberus.ca>
 The Unitarian -Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa has  chosen George 
 Wilson to receive  the Fred Cappuccino  Award for  2003. The Award is 
 given to those who have demonstrated outstanding  work in the areas of 
 Social Justice, Peace and Environment activities.

 This Award will be presented this Sunday, June 8, at 10:30 A.M. during 
 our regular Sunday Service. 

 Peter Schmolka nominated George for this award, 
 because of George's consistently sincere endeavors in social 
 action for the Environment.

 This will be our last  regular service this season.
 Sunday, June 8: "Slowing Down" Are there signs that you are living your
 life in the fast lane? Guilty, Bonnie Lee, our minister, will ruminate
 on some antidotes to the "hurried life". We will also celebrate our
 annual Flower Communion: this year the Blackburn Songsters will "sing"
 the celebration for us with several songs they are preparing especially
 for our service.

 The Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa meets at the Gloucester 
 Seniors' Center, 2020 Ogilvie Rd.
 (upstairs above the arena)

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