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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder - Saturday marches in market and pamphleting Paul Martin

The next NOWAR/PAIX march is, as always, Saturday at
noon, starting at the corner of Sussex and York.

See www.nowar-paix.ca for details.

This march has been happening weekly since October of
2001, when bombs started falling on Afghanistan. It
has focused on various issues around war, racism and
erosion of civil liberties. This week we will also be
encouraging folks to go to the Ottawa Congress Center
from 4:30-6:00pm to pamphlet outside of the Liberal
Party leadership debate. The Ragging Grannies and
others are picketing and pamphleting in front of the
center to raise the profile of Paul Martin's support
for the American missile defense system, and to
denounce it! Other activists will be there to raise
awareness on Paul Martin's real track record. 

This is NOT to endorse of other Liberal candidates 
but to denounce Martin and missile defense.

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