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[OPIRG-EVENTS] FW: position posting - CPA Campaign Coordinator

Position Posting
Campaign Coordinator,  Canadian Peace Alliance
Starting date: July 7, preferred
Duration:  	One year, renewable
Hours: 	21 hours per week, possible weekend and evening
Pay: 		$16-17 per hour, d.o.e.
Summary of Position:
The Campaign Coordinator is directly accountable to the CPA Co-Chairs,
Administrative Committee (AC), Steering Committee (SC) and biennial
Convention. Working with the Administrator/Fundraiser, s/he is responsible
for the overall running of the organization, proposing strategies and
implementing decisions and policies determined by the Co-Chairs, AC, SC and
Convention. Within the general oversight of the Administrator/Fundraiser,
the Campaign Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day coordination of
CPA campaigns, including communications, outreach, public education, media
relations, and lobbying.  
Responsibilities include:
 Campaign Coordination
*        planning and implementing overall campaigns (as determined by
Convention) in collaboration with the Administrator/Fundraiser, campaign
committees and the SC
*        preparing and distributing campaign materials (letters, briefs,
backgrounders, fact sheets, etc)
*        organizing and participating in lobbying
*        preparing evaluations and follow-up materials for campaigns
Communications and Outreach
*        preparing and distributing materials such as reports, newsletters,
urgent action alerts, etc.
*        preparing and distributing clearinghouse mailings and outreach
*        preparing and issuing media releases, organizing and participating
in press conferences
*        conducting public relations with media, NGOs, and government,
including speaking to interested groups about the work of the CPA
*        maintaining the website and email list serve
*        familiarity with contemporary peace and disarmament issues
*        experience in activist campaigns, with result of moving public
*        ability to network with broad-based membership, with result of
growing and mobilizing membership
*        media experience, including ability to write and distribute press
*        intermediate computer skills including MS Office, and web and
layout skills
*        ability to communicate in French is very desirable
To Apply:
Please send resume, covering letter and references to:
Canadian Peace Alliance
427 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
M5S 1X7
Fax:  416-588-5556
email:  cpa@web.ca.
Application deadline:  June 16, 2003
The Canadian Peace Alliance is the largest pan-Canadian umbrella peace
organisation, with 120 member groups.  The CPA operates in both of Canada's
official languages.  For more information about the CPA, please visit our
web site at www.acp-cpa.ca.
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