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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Peace Benefit Concert - Mercury Lounge - June 19 at 8pm

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From: Yavar Hameed <yhameed@eglaw.ca>
Subject: Peace Benefit Concert - Mercury Lounge - June 19 at 8pm

Dear Friends, 
I apologize if you are receiving this e-mail for a second time.  That would
mean that you straddle several e-mail lists and are already aware of this
event.  For those of you who are not, the details are listed below.  Also
for those who attended Mohamed's pre-removal assessment hearing on Thursday,
hats off to Rocco for putting the government to shame.  Rocco made some
quite pointed comments against the arguments being levelled by justice and
appeared to be on the same page as Justice Dawson.   It will be interesting
to see the decision next week.  
Take care and hope to see you all on Thursday.

NOWAR-PAIX and The Mercury Lounge

"Resist-Dance" - A Peace Benefit Concert

Modus operandi:  politics for poets, dance not destruction,
the sound of one hand clapping
and the conscious rhythms of DJ Trevor Walker.
Thursday, June 19, 2003
8:00 PM

The Mercury Lounge

56 ByWard Market
Mystery door prize.
Tito Medina
Susan McMaster
Teresa Healey & Zuzu
Steve Groves & Jenny Bourgeois
Oni the Haitian Sensation
Yavar Hameed & Naheed Bardai 
Ben Jammin & the Canadian Floor Masters 
Segun Akinlolu (aka Beautiful Nubia)

and more.
Door = $8. Donations for peace always welcome.
Need more info?
contact yavar at:  297-0840 or yhameed@eglaw.ca <mailto:yhameed@eglaw.ca> 
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